Certfied Alarm Distributors - Gemini Keypads by Napco
GEM-RP1CAe2 Custom Alpha Model GEM-RP1CAe2 Custom Alpha Model

Deluxe 32-character custom alphanumeric backlit display. Actual signal strength is quantified for greater confidence of transmission reliability.

GEM-RP2ASe2 Alpha/Symbol Model GEM-RP2ASe2 Alpha/Symbol Model

Wireless Transmitter Signal Strength Metered and Displayed at the keypad using a scale of 1 to 10 with Smart "Filtered" keypad readout.

GEM-RP3DGTL - Digital Display Keypad GEM-RP3DGTL - Digital Display Keypad

Digital keypad supports the full line of standard Gemini Hybrid Controls from the new P816 8-zone model through the larger capacity P9600