Lee Dan Nurse Call Systems, annunciators, corridor dome lights and emergency pull stations
NC-110/32 Control PanelNC-200N    Desk Master

Tek-CALL Nurse Call System

NC-110/32 Control Panel
NC-200N    Desk Master

Provides audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications. Annunciator/control panels are modular and available in different lamp indicator quantities from 4 to more than 100.



An affordable microcontroller-based audio/visual nurse call system that provides ease of operation, accurate two-way voice communication, and a simple direct-select nurse master station. TekTone's UL® listed Tek-DIGICARE® is ideally suited for smaller hospitals, nursing homes, and long term care facilities.

NC-313 VGA Monitor with NC-304 LCD Master Station

IR-301P Single Patient Station


NC-313 VGA Monitor with NC-304 LCD Master Station
IR-301P Single Patient Station

Tek-MICRO® II is fully integrated with SpectraLink wireless telephone systems, on-site UHF radio pocket pagers and PBX/analog telephone systems. Staff can communicate directly with patient stations using wireless phones or the facility's telephone system. Or Tek-MICRO® II can page appropriate staff when a call comes in. Tek-MICRO® II also provides quick contact with other nurses stations with its direct master-to-master communications. Its color monitor displays patient call types in distinct colors for quick identification, and also shows nurse and aide locations.

Tek-CareTM Emergency Call System
CM-800 Custom AnnunciatorsLI-381 Corridor Dome Lights SF-117/2B Emergency Pull Stations
CM-800 Custom
LI-381 Corridor Dome Lights SF-117/2B Emergency
Pull Stations

The CM-800 series annunciator is a modular unit, constructed of extruded aluminum. CM-800 has easily removable lamp lens coverings for quick bulb replacement, and to protect lamp identifications. Up to four (4) digits are available per lamp. Positive screw terminals are provided for easy wiring hook-up. Available from 4 to 464 zones (or more) in multiples of four (4) lamp indicators. The activation of the pullcord switch instantly and continuously activates a lamp annunciator and audible signal at the managers office or other location, activates a visual corridor dome lamp signal outside the apartment door, sounds a horn or bell in the hallway.