Certified Alarm Distributors - Bogen Public Address Amplifiers
C10 / C20 C10 / C20 Public Address Amplifiers

C10 and C20 have 10W and 20W output power, respectively. They have Transformer isolated 4., 8., 16., 25V and 70V output taps, one dedicated MIC 1 input — Lo-Z balanced, one switchable MIC 2/Aux 1 input, voice activated muting of Aux input by Tel input and variable trigger threshold for voice activation.

C35 / C60 / C100

C35 / C60 / C100 Public Address Amplifiers

These Bogen Classic Series Models are public address mixer amplifiers that provide mixing of microphones, telephone, and auxiliary sources. They have 35, 60, and 100 watts, respectively. Output screw terminals are provided for 4-ohm (direct) and 8-ohm, 16-ohm, 25V and 70V (transformer-coupled) speaker systems. Output jacks let you connect to a tape recorder or an additional booster amplifier, or feed a 600-ohm telephone line when an accessory transformer (Model WMT1A) is used.

GS35 / GS60 / GS100 / GS150

GS35 / GS60 / GS100 / GS150 Public Address Amplifiers

The Gold Seal Series amplifiers are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s sophisticated sound systems. They have 35, 60, 100 and 150 watts, respectively. They have 4 dedicated microphone inputs, 1 dedicated Aux input, and selectable Mic/Tel and Mic/Aux inputs.It also features 4-ohm direct coupled output, 8-ohm, 25V, 25VCT, and 70V transformer-coupled output, dual-function, 10-band graphic equalizer, Aphex® Aural Exciter for improved intelligibility and tape output connection.

GS250 GS250 Public Address Amplifier

GS250 model enhances the Gold Seal line with 250 watts of power in the same 2 rack space package as the other Gold Seal amplifiers. Its other features are the same as the GS150 above.